European economic governance: challenges for judicial control? – Ornella Porchia

1. The role of the Court of Justice in EMU: a glance at the past. 2. Recent case-law: the beginning of a new season? 3. New international instruments of economic governance: the role of the Court of justice in the ESM Treaty and in the Fiscal Compact. 4. Compatibility with EU law of the Treaties provisions relating to the Court’s jurisdiction. 5. Further developments: towards progressive “jurisdictionalisation” of control over economic policies?


La proposta di legge catalana sulla competenza in materia di referendum – Lucia Maddaleno

With the Resolution 479/X, the catalan Parliament submitted a bill involving the referendum power and its delegation to the catalan Autonomy itself, in order to make possible a secession referendum. This paper analyses the content of the Resolution in the light of the tensions between central Government and Autonomous Community, suggesting the presence of critical issues concerning the document.