La Responsabilità Sociale di Impresa (CSR) nel settore della Green Energy – Paolo Rossi – en


Purpose: CSR is a rather new notion that can be defined as the set of rules by which the company equipped itself in order to ensure compliance with various regulations which must be considered, as well as ethical and environmental standards to be respected in relation to the sector in which it operates. Despite this international definition, it is hard to deal with this notion in a legal perspective. The paper investigates how the notion is operating in the European and Chinese Green Energy Industry.

Methodology/approach: The approach is functionalist and belongs to the method of comparative law.

Practical implications: The insights about the diverse notions of CSR in the Energy Industry can be useful for lawyers and compliance managers working in transnational contexts.

Social implications: CSR represents a way of marketing for consumers and society. Understanding the real functioning in the world of affairs beyond the policy declamations may increase the public accountability of the CSR processes.